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Does your daily work routine often leave you something other than a feeling of satisfaction? If you spend long hours on your computer, be it in the comfort of your own home or at a professional office, headaches can be more than just the stress of the job on your mind. Headaches associated with long hours of computer usage are in fact a symptom of an all too common condition in our modern society today. As the use of computers and other LCD screen powered devices becomes increasingly necessary in our everyday lives, so too do the numbers climb of patients of all ages currently living with computer vision syndrome. If you are noticing trouble seeing after being on a computer for a period of many hours, be sure to visit your Vegas eye doctor at the conveniently located practice of the Walmart Vision Center of Las Vegas for treatment that will insure your eyes are always seeing their best.

Eye Care 89122
Eye Care 89122

Computer vision syndrome can become a problem for anyone, but it can be greatly exasperated with certain vision problems that are associated with difficult seeing at a close range, such as myopia and astigmatism. Eye coordination and problems with eyes as they age like presbyopia and problems with focusing can all be made far worse with long hours of computer usage. Often times these problems are only temporary and can decline and even diminish entirely with simple breaks at least every two hours. However, when a patient fails to address their optical needs with computer syndrome, they often experience a prolonged amount of time in which symptoms persist after walking away from their LCD or LED screens. These symptoms include dry eyes, neck and shoulder pain, headaches, eyestrain, and even blurred vision, and they may not entirely be caused by your computer alone. Glare form your computer screen and poor viewing distance are only part of the issue. Computer syndrome can also be caused by improper lighting, poor posture while you are seated at your desk, and undiagnosed or simply improperly treated optical conditions can all cause this debilitating problem. In order to reduce and even prevent computer syndrome from happening to you, adults should be sure to visit their trusted Vegas eye doctor for optical health care and even special computer glasses that can help you work hard without straining your eyes.

Adults should be visiting their professional Vegas eye doctor at least once a year to insure eyes are always physically healthy and seeing clearly. At the Walmart Vision Center of Las Vegas our conveniently located offices make it easy for you to get the care you need, no matter how busy your schedule. We offer high quality lenses at great prices that can help you to see clearly all day long.