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Get Contact Lenses in Las Vegas

Have you been thinking about getting contact lenses? Or, are you in need of a new contact lens prescription? If so, you will need to visit an expert eye doctor to receive a contact lens exam. Our Las Vegas optometrist, at the Walmart Vision Center of Las Vegas, is highly-skilled and able to provide you with a comprehensive eye exam, including a contact lens fitting and exam.

When you see our Las Vegas optometrist for a contact lens fitting, he will need to do many of the same tests that are done during a regular eye exam. This is because in order to wear contacts, your eyes need to be healthy. Our optometrist also wants to be sure to look for any hidden eye diseases or conditions that may be present in your eyes. Along with eye tests and screenings being performed for conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataracts, your visual acuity will also be checked. When preparing to write a contact lens prescription, other procedures will need to be done as well. The optometrist will measure the curve of your cornea as well as take measurements of your iris. He may even test your eyes for Dry Eye, to make sure you can safely and comfortably wear contact lenses.

Once your examination is complete, our Las Vegas optometrist will discuss the different contact lens options available. Hard contact lenses are generally less popular as they are more difficult to get used to and may not be as comfortable as soft lenses. However, in some vision situations, such as in the case of astigmatism, hard lenses may provide sharper vision for the patient. Soft lenses are a more popular choice as they are very comfortable and easy to get used to. They also come in a variety of options – however, each option may not be available for each prescription need. The different types of soft lenses include: daily wear lenses that are worn for about 14 hours a day and then removed for cleaning and to rest the eye; disposable lenses that are worn once and then thrown away; and extended wear lenses that can be worn for several days in a row before they need to be cleaned, or before the eye needs a break from the lens. Soft lenses also come as color-changing lenses which gives the wearer the ability to appear as though their eye color has changed. If you would like to visit our optometrist to get a prescription for contact lenses, contact us for an appointment at Walmart Vision Center of Las Vegas.

Pediatric Eye Exams in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Pediatric Eye Care

Pediatric Eye Exams in Las Vegas

Pediatric Eye Exams in Las Vegas

Did you know that your child’s eyes can be continue to show difficulty seeing far before they take a seat in their first ever classroom? Vision problems are most often due to genetic inheritance, and as such will begin to show themselves very early in life. Parents should never wait until a vision screen occurs at their child’s public school to be concerned about their growing eyes. Optical conditions if not properly treated can hold a child back in life in many ways, and can even cause permanent harm. Fortunately, you can always find the care your family needs to see clearly with pediatric eye exams in Las Vegas at the conveniently located practice of the Walmart Vision Center of Las Vegas.

Pediatric eye exams for children are absolutely necessary in order to keeping young eyes safe from harm and insure vision problems never get in the way of important milestones in their growth. Vision accounts for the majority of which children take in information, and as such, any optical conditions that impair their ability to see can have vastly detrimental effects on their growth as well as hold them back in the classroom. Children can be seen for their first pediatric eye exams in Las Vegas at the age of six months. During this crucial time, most vision problems will begin to make themselves known through imperfections in the growth of the natural shape of the eye. Only a perfect sphere can allow for clear vision. Any difference in this growth, no matter how slight, can result in vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Many vision problems occur due to genetic inheritance at this young age, and as such it is important for parents to become knowledgeable of their family’s optical medical history in order to discuss any problems with their child’s doctor. Certain vision problems, such as amblyopia and even glaucoma in rare cases, can cause permanent damage to a child’s vision before the age of seven. Amblyopia, or lazy eye, will often not show any symptoms until permanent loss of sight has begun. However, with treatment in its earliest stages, your doctor can prevent any harm from occurring to your child’s developing sight.

For the very best in pediatric eye exams in Las Vegas, be sure to visit the experts at the welcoming offices of the Walmart Vision Center of Las Vegas. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff strive to make optical care convenient and affordable by serving your local community through numerous locations and by working with many optical insurance companies for eye exams that fit into your budget. With regular pediatric eye exams from the Walmart Vision Center of Las Vegas, you can insure that your whole family is always seeing clearly.

Family Eye Doctor in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Eye Care

Family Eye Doctor in Las Vegas

Family Eye Doctor in Las Vegas

When it comes to taking care of yourself from day to day, month to month or year to year, it is important that you schedule annual medical exams. Many people may remember to schedule a physical or checkup with their general physician about once a year but often are not aware of the importance of visiting other medical specialists as well. Your eye doctor should be one of the specialists you visit on a regular basis, and here at the Walmart Vision Center of Las Vegas, our family eye doctor in Las Vegas can provide you and your family with the eye exams and even vision correction that you and your family need.

Eye exams are important. Even though your general physician may briefly look at your eyes during a routine checkup, this general check will not provide you with all of the information that our family eye doctor in Las Vegas can provide you with. While your general doctor may briefly check your eyes with a flashlight and ask you to read from a chart on the wall, our eye doctor here at Walmart Vision Center of Las Vegas can provide you and everyone in your family with a more thorough eye exam. This comprehensive eye exam will screen your eyes more closely for cancer, eye conditions and diseases, and can even tell you if you have any other medical conditions such as diabetes or high cholesterol. A thorough eye exam can also check for any eye irritation or determine whether any inflammation is caused by an eye infection or other cause. Any allergies should be monitored as they can often share symptoms with eye infections such as pink eye. Vision is also checked here at the Walmart Vision Center of Las Vegas by our eye doctor. He can determine whether your vision has changed and whether your prescription needs to be updated.

Once all of this is complete, our family eye doctor here at the Walmart Vision Center of Las Vegas can then walk you through all of our vision correction options. Eyeglasses, contacts, you name it. If you are due for an eye exam, believe your prescription needs to be updated, or are experiencing any symptoms related to your eyes, then be sure to schedule an appointment with our family eye doctor in Las Vegas today.

Las Vegas Optometry Office

Las Vegas Optometry Office

When it’s time to change your eyeglass prescription, or simply want a new pair of eyeglasses, contacts or sunglasses, our well-stocked Las Vegas optometry office is ready to serve you. Since, for many of us, eyeglasses are an everyday accessory we not only want them to fit well, but look casual, dressy, and professional as needed. Wearing eyeglasses everyday also means they will be going through a lot of wear and tear during our daily routine so durability is a much needed consideration. Designer frames are in high-demand and with designer frames for men, women, and children on the shelves in our optical gallery, we are happy to offer a wide variety of styles. Whether you’re looking for glasses that feature designer logos or multi-colored inlays, frame enhancements like inset stones and gems or a more streamlined masculine frame, you’re guaranteed to find something for every member of the family at Walmart Vision Center of Las Vegas .

Las Vegas Children's Eye Exams

Las Vegas Children’s Eye Exams

The overall look and fit of your eyeglasses is important but a correct prescription brings it all together. No matter what your age, regular eye exams are not only crucial to keep optical prescriptions current but a part of your total health maintenance. In regards to our younger patients, if you see that your child is not performing up to par at school, or having trouble with homework, it would be a good idea to have their eyes examined at our Las Vegas optometry office. Up to date prescriptions are necessary for everyone who wears glasses or contacts so they can function to the best of their abilities.

Statistics show that one in five Americans put off having yearly eye exams and our well-educated opticians at our Las Vegas optometry office can’t t stress enough that without regular eye exams, serious problems that can threaten your eyesight can be missed. With optical prescriptions alone, regular exams are necessary since eye glass prescriptions will expire anytime within a 2 year period. During a comprehensive eye exam, our licensed opticians and optometrists perform a variety of tests, from having you read an eye chart to more involved tests. You can expect your eye exam to take an hour or so but it could be longer depending on how complicated the tests are to assess your vision.