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Eye Care in Las Vegas NV

Eyeglasses in Las Vegas NV

Eye Care in Las Vegas NV

Eye Care in Las Vegas NV

Our eyeglasses will definitely allow you to see considerably better, and that’s, of course, a good thing. However, it’s easy to take that for granted, but we can assure you that at Walmart Vision Center of Las Vegas, we are dedicated to ensuring that you are getting the right prescription; one that represents the ideal correction for your current visual deficiencies.

Our eye care in Las Vegas NV will do a complete eye exam, and our optometrist will test you to determine how well you see up close, far away, and side-to-side. You will then be written a prescription to address nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, or some combination of them. You will get eyeglasses that give you sharp and clear vision at all distances, but the reality is that your vision does change over time. So what was perfect for you a year ago may only be adequate for you now. Given enough time, your eyeglasses can eventually have little or even no value, since they are designed to correct the vision you had then, not what you have now. Our eye care in Las Vegas NV believes that you should have up-to-date glasses all the time. After all, getting the right prescription can be key to everything you do, including driving. If you need corrective lenses to drive, having an improper prescription can be dangerous. And not only to you, but to your passengers and to other motorists and pedestrians. Getting the right prescription is also vital to avoid the problems that are associated with subpar vision, such as headaches due to eye strain.

The only question that matters is why should you settle for a prescription that does not suit your needs when our eye care in Las Vegas NV can give you outstanding corrected vision? Call our office right now and arrange an appointment to come in.

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Las Vegas Eyeglasses

Eye Doctors in Vegas

Making sure that you take care of your eye health is really important. Just as anyone might schedule a routine physical exam for a checkup, it is just as important to schedule a routine eye exam or vision screening. If you happen to wear eyeglasses on a regular basis, then it is important that you make sure that your prescription is up to date and we can help you right here at our Walmart Vision Center of Las Vegas. Here with our optical team get the Las Vegas eyeglasses that you need right here at EyeFit Vision Centers.

Las Vegas eyeglasses

Las Vegas eyeglasses

Eye doctors recommend that people of all ages and vision needs have their eyes checked about once a year. This advice applies to everyone, too. Your vision is always subject to change so it never hurts to have it tested regularly by an eye doctor in order to make sure that everything is in order. Here at Walmart Vision Center of Las Vegas, we can provide you with a vision screening that will accurately check your visual acuity and make sure that your prescription is updated if necessary. Even the smallest changes in your vision needs to make a huge difference. Wearing any out of date prescription lenses or not wearing prescription lenses when you should be wearing them can create uncomfortable side effects such as persistent eyestrain, frequent headaches and blurry vision. We can make sure that your Las Vegas eyeglasses are providing you with the clarity of vision that you need in order to live comfortably. Once your prescription is settled, we can offer you designer eyewear. We carry a variety of well-known brand names that you know and trust such as: Guess, Kate Spade, Gucci, Ray-Ban and many more.

If you are due for your vision screening or your prescription needs to be updated on your Las Vegas eyeglasses, then do not hesitate to call and schedule an appointment here with us at Walmart Vision Center of Las Vegas. If you need to have your vision checked or if you simply wish to pick up a new pair of Las Vegas eyeglasses here with our help today.

Las Vegas Locations:
Boulder Hwy/Nellis – 702-434-2020
Centennial Ctr. – 702-839-2202
Tropicana/215 Fwy – 702-368-0092
Rainbow/Cheyenne – 702-645-8573

Las Vegas Optometrist

Get Contact Lenses in Las Vegas

Have you been thinking about getting contact lenses? Or, are you in need of a new contact lens prescription? If so, you will need to visit an expert eye doctor to receive a contact lens exam. Our Las Vegas optometrist, at the Walmart Vision Center of Las Vegas, is highly-skilled and able to provide you with a comprehensive eye exam, including a contact lens fitting and exam.

When you see our Las Vegas optometrist for a contact lens fitting, he will need to do many of the same tests that are done during a regular eye exam. This is because in order to wear contacts, your eyes need to be healthy. Our optometrist also wants to be sure to look for any hidden eye diseases or conditions that may be present in your eyes. Along with eye tests and screenings being performed for conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataracts, your visual acuity will also be checked. When preparing to write a contact lens prescription, other procedures will need to be done as well. The optometrist will measure the curve of your cornea as well as take measurements of your iris. He may even test your eyes for Dry Eye, to make sure you can safely and comfortably wear contact lenses.

Once your examination is complete, our Las Vegas optometrist will discuss the different contact lens options available. Hard contact lenses are generally less popular as they are more difficult to get used to and may not be as comfortable as soft lenses. However, in some vision situations, such as in the case of astigmatism, hard lenses may provide sharper vision for the patient. Soft lenses are a more popular choice as they are very comfortable and easy to get used to. They also come in a variety of options – however, each option may not be available for each prescription need. The different types of soft lenses include: daily wear lenses that are worn for about 14 hours a day and then removed for cleaning and to rest the eye; disposable lenses that are worn once and then thrown away; and extended wear lenses that can be worn for several days in a row before they need to be cleaned, or before the eye needs a break from the lens. Soft lenses also come as color-changing lenses which gives the wearer the ability to appear as though their eye color has changed. If you would like to visit our optometrist to get a prescription for contact lenses, contact us for an appointment at Walmart Vision Center of Las Vegas.

Vegas Eyeglasses Store

Progressive Lenses Vegas

Are you looking to get the very best in visual clarity in the face of your aging eyes? Presbyopia is a natural problem that occurs with the onset of aging, and can happen to patients as young as 40 years of age. If you are tired of standard lenses failing to keep up with your high standards of visual correction for the unique lifestyle you lead, it is to look to the best name in the optics and lens industry today. For those who need progressive lenses that are truly above and beyond the rest, simply visit your local Vegas eyeglasses store at the offices of the Walmart Vision Center of Las Vegas and ask how our selection of Nikon progressive lenses can work for you.
For those who are tired of the limits of standard lenses, high quality and specialized lenses from Nikon an give you the visual clarity you are looking for to keep up with highly detailed and demanding tasks with ease. Each of Nikon’s progressive lenses are crafted with far more advanced methods than traditional lenses for vision that is sharper with increased visual field sizes, and all with less aberration for vision that appears far more natural to your eyes. For the very best from Nikon progressive lenses at your professional Vegas eyeglasses store, be sure to ask for SeeMax Power lenses. SeeMax Power offers a truly customizable experience for each patient, with lenses crafted from not only your personal needs, but also pupil distance, far vision power, near vision working distance, and even the data held within the shape of your lens for comfort that is truly tailored to you. This allows for unbeatable levels of wide viewing and faster adaption of your eyes to progressive lenses than ever before possible by previous progressive lens designs. The front of your Nikon SeeMax lenses are made of 3d enhanced technology for a progressive lens that is central focused for easy transition, while the back includes a state of the art aberration filter combined with a reversed progressive surface to put an end to distortions and provide the sharpest vision of any progressive lens available, with precision that is 25 times more precise, as well as being far wider for viewing zones that are more beneficial than ever before.

For the best in progressive lenses, be sure to visit the experts at your neighborhood Vegas eyeglasses store. Our fully licensed and professionally trained team at the offices of the Walmart Vision Center of Las Vegas carry a wide selection of Nikon progressive lenses at lower prices than the competition for optical care that fits your budget. With your own pair of Nikon progressive lenses from the Walmart Vision Center of Las Vegas you can enjoy the higher level of visual clarity you deserve.

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Vegas Optical Store

Vegas Optical Store

At Walmart Vision Center of Las Vegas, the number one Vegas optical store, we can provide you with what you need to make sure that your eyeglasses, contact lenses, or both, are perfectly customized to your individual needs. Many patients are unaware of the fact that contact lens prescriptions are different from eyeglass prescriptions, and that is the reason why they require separate eye exams. The main reason why the prescriptions are different are because eyeglasses sit at a distance from your eyes, while your contact lenses are directly over your eyes.

Many components of eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions are the same, but the numbers may vary depending on your vision needs. Contact lens examinations and eyeglass examinations also may differ because specific measurements are needed in order to create your contact lenses so that they are perfectly fitted to your eye shape and prescription. Eyeglasses also require specific measurements so that they fit comfortably on your face. If you are in need of new contact lenses or eyeglasses, all you need to do is schedule an appointment at our Vegas optical store for the proper examination, and then we will have the information we need to provide you with your optical correction method of choice. If you prefer glasses, we have a wide variety of affordable designer frames in our extensive selection. We also have several different brands of both soft and gas permeable contact lenses if you prefer. The experts at our Vegas optical store are here to help you find the perfect option for you.

If you would like to learn more about optical prescriptions, or any of the other services available to you at our Vegas optical store, the main Walmart Vision Center of Las Vegas website is a great place to start. There you can find additional details about our store and more. If you have any specific questions about our services or another related topic, you might also choose to contact our friendly team of staff directly. Feel free to call us at the store, or send us a message online if you choose. We look forward to working with you and hope to see you at the Walmart Vision Center of Las Vegas soon.