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Optometrist Las Vegas

At the Walmart Vision Center of Las Vegas, our number one Las Vegas optometrist and the rest of our team of friendly, helpful staff members truly care about the eye health and vision of each and every one of our patients. Because we care so much about our patients, we make it a point to carefully instruct them about how to take care of their eyes and the vision products that they use. If you wear contact lenses or are thinking about switching to wearing them in the future, it is extremely important to know how to care for and clean your lenses in order to keep your eyes healthy and your vision clear.

Contact Lens Care Las Vegas
Contact Lens Care Las Vegas

Firstly, it is important to wear your lenses only as directed by our Las Vegas optometrist. Certain lenses are to be worn only for certain lengths of time. For example, at the Walmart Vision Center of Las Vegas, we have various types of contact lenses available, such as lenses for extended or overnight wear, disposable daily lenses, or lenses that you keep for about two weeks at a time, taking them out each night and cleaning them for re-wear the next day.

That brings up another important point about contact lenses: you need to keep them clean, especially if you are going to wear them for more than one day. You should only be cleaning your contact lenses with designated contact lens solution. It is also important to make sure that your hands are completely clean before you touch your lenses or your eyes. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, and it is best to dry your hands using a paper towel so that no particles or germs get stuck to your hands. Always check your lenses for any foreign particles, rips, or tears before you place them in your eyes. If your contact lens ever feels uncomfortable or painful in your eye, it is best to take it out and visit or contact our Las Vegas optometrist for advice.

If you are interested in learning more about contact lens care, or any other eye care related topic, you should consider paying a visit to the Walmart Vision Center of Las Vegas website. There you can find a wealth of information regarding eye health and the related services provided by our Las Vegas optometrist. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments that you would like to us to address, do not hesitate in contacting us. You can reach us by calling our office directly or getting in touch with us online.