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Optometrist in Las Vegas

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Retina Eye Exams Las Vegas

At Walmart Vision Center of Las Vegas, we are fully committed to your eyesight and your eye health. Floaters and flashes of light are two symptoms that you should not ignore. Rather, experiencing either should motivate you to call our optometrist in Las Vegas and schedule an examination. Floaters and flashes of light may indicate the presence of an eye disease that should be addressed promptly.

Las Vegas Retinal Detachment
Las Vegas Retinal Detachment

Floaters refer to small spots in your field of vision. Typically, you will become aware of them in bright light, though they can be present under any circumstances. Are they dangerous? That depends. While some floaters are merely bothersome and may eventually subside on their own, they could be the sign of something more serious. The best course of action is to be seen by our optometrist in Las Vegas and be diagnosed. In addition, their presence may prove frustrating and you simply would like to do something about them. If you have floaters in your vision and you notice that they are getting worse (increasing in quantity), you should call us right away. Among the underlying problems that floaters could be indicating are eye bleeding and retinal tears or detachments. They tend to be caused by collagen, which is a protein. Small pieces of it accumulate in your vitreous, the gel-like part of your eye. This affects how light hits your retina, resulting in floaters. While it can happen to anyone, floaters are most common from 50 to 75 years of age. Nearsightedness and previous cataract surgery are also risk factors.

Flashes of light generally represent a more urgent need to be examined by our optometrist in Las Vegas than do floaters. The presence of flashes of light will typically- though not always- indicate a retinal detachment. This is a serious problem and If not treated right away, it can lead to permanent vision loss. Any change to your vision, even those that are just annoying, should be evaluated in a prompt fashion. Getting examined is a quick and painless process, but it could be the difference between a small concern and one that could have been that way if you hadn’t dismissed it. Besides, there is much to be said for the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are fine and that your vision and eye health are not in jeopardy.