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Diabetic Eye Care in Vegas

Many people often forget just how important eye exams are when it comes to monitoring your health. Eye exams are just as vital as scheduling an annual physical exam or scheduling regular dental visits. Here at the Walmart Vision Center of Las Vegas, our Las Vegas eye doctors are here to monitor your eye health, screen you for any underlying conditions, and make sure your vision is always where it should be. Though we encourage everyone to set up an annual eye exam, it is imperative that those with conditions such as diabetes get their eyes and vision checked as regularly as possible.

Ocular Disease Testing Las Vegas
Ocular Disease Testing Las Vegas

Those living with diabetes are at a higher risk of developing eye conditions so it is very important to make an annual visit here with us at our Walmart Vision Center of Las Vegas. The high levels of blood sugar, or glucose, directly affect the proliferation of these issues. The high levels of blood sugar can cause the lens of your eye to swell, affecting how well you see. This can only be rectified by adjusting your blood sugar, and you may need to wait several months before your eyes can see properly again. Additionally, blurred vision can be a symptom of diabetes. But cataracts, glaucoma and retinopathy are the three major eye conditions that those with diabetes can develop. Cataracts are when the lens of the eyes becomes clouded. Though cataracts are common among those who do not have diabetes, those who do happen have diabetes tend to develop the condition much earlier in life.

Glaucoma is when fluid in the eye does not drain properly, leading to an increase in eye pressure. This pressure can severely damage blood vessels and nerves in the eye and cause vision problems. Those with diabetes are more likely to develop a rare form of glaucoma called neovascular glaucoma where new blood vessels grow on the iris. Diabetic retinopathy is one of the leading causes of blindness and is irreversible. The longer one has diabetes, the higher at risk they are for developing this condition. If you have diabetes, you should be sure to schedule regular appointments with our Las Vegas eye doctors for a comprehensive eye and retinal exam.

Having diabetes is difficult and dangerous. Those with diabetes are more likely to develop vision loss than those who do not. Even if you do not have diabetes, our Las Vegas eye doctors can determine if you have it or are developing it during an eye exam as well. No matter what, eye examinations are important for your health, especially if you have underlying conditions such as diabetes. Schedule your annual appointment with us here today at our Walmart Vision Center of Las Vegas.