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Comprehensive eye testing in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Eye Doctor
Las Vegas Eye Doctor

The first thought that typically comes to mind when people think about eye exams is getting evaluated for prescription eyeglasses. However, there are many other reasons to get an eye exam. In fact, everyone should see a Las Vegas Eye Doctor for comprehensive eye testing on a regular basis even if there are no vision problems.

Comprehensive eye testing is a very important tool used by an experienced Las Vegas Eye Doctor like ours at Walmart Vision Center of Las Vegas to assess the patient’s overall eye health and wellness. Checking for refractive errors and determining if the patient needs eyeglasses is only a portion of the exam. There is much more to it. A person can have no noticeable vision problems and can still have a very serious eye disease or condition. There are many serious eye diseases and conditions that exhibit no symptoms in the beginning stages. Unfortunately, once symptoms become obvious, the patient is at risk for vision loss and even complete blindness in some cases. The only way to detect these eye diseases and conditions early enough is to get comprehensive eye testing done annually. When the optometrist sees the patient often enough, he is able to detect eye diseases and conditions early which allows for early treatment and gives the patient the best possible outcome. Comprehensive eye testing also allows the eye doctor to detect signs of non-eye related illness such as diabetes and high cholesterol. Sometimes the eye doctor is the first person to detect them. If the eye doctor detects general health issues during the eye exam, he would refer the patient to a specialist who would do further evaluations and would provide the treatment plan. The optometrist’s eye test and determination, however, would have played an important role in the ability for the patient to receive early treatment.

If you’re due for your comprehensive eye testing, don’t wait. Contact our office so we can schedule your appointment with our Las Vegas Eye Doctor.

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