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Contact Lenses Exam and Fitting

Las Vegas Contact Lenses
Las Vegas Contact Lenses

Contact lenses can be a life changing tool for people that don’t want to wear eyeglasses, or only want to wear them sometimes. Vanity is not the only reason for Las Vegas contact lenses. For many people it is just easier to wear contact lenses especially for certain jobs that require additional protective eyewear, or they just feel more comfortable with contact lenses. Whatever the reason, people wanting to use contact lenses must first let our office in the Walmart Vision Center perform a comprehensive eye examination, which will show any vision corrections that are needed as well check the overall health of your eyes. The results of this exam will be thoroughly discussed with each patient.
Fitting Las Vegas contact lenses requires a separate exam that is similar to the comprehensive exam. Our optometrist will also measure the curve of your cornea and take measurements of the iris, and test you for Dry Eye. These tests are to ensure that the contact lenses are a proper fit to your particular eye, making them more comfortable to wear, which leads to more wear by the patient. The goals of our staff when it comes to fitting contact lenses is to make sure that they improve your visual acuity and make you as comfortable in them as possible. Part of the personal service that our practice gives to each patient is to educate them on the contact lenses options now available. By far the most popular contact lens choice among our customers is the soft lens. Soft lenses are generally easier to use and take less time getting use to. Our patients can choose between daily wear soft lenses, which can be worn for up to 14 hours before they have to be removed for cleaning and to give the eyes a rest, disposable lenses that are discarded at the end of each day, and extended wear lenses that can be worn for several days before they have to be cleaned and the eyes rested. There are even color-changing lenses which give the wearer the ability to change the color of their eyes. These lenses are also available in non-prescription for those wearers who don’t need vision correction but just want to change the color of their eyes. Multi-focal lenses can correct for near, medium and far0sightedness all in one lens.
Hard Las Vegas contact lenses are generally more difficult to put in and take more getting used to wearing. However, hard lenses do give better vision correcting results for some patients, especially those with astigmatism and severe near-sightedness. Though there are many contact lens alternatives not all may be right for your particular vision needs, our expert staff will explain all the contact lens options that are right for you. Please make an appointment to let our contact lens team examine your eyes and properly fit the perfect pair of lenses to them.

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