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Nothing impacts the quality of your life, quite like the quality of your vision. Make sure your eyes are healthy by scheduling regular eye health evaluations with your local Las Vegas eye doctors at Walmart Vision Center. At our Las Vegas optometry practice, we place quality above all else, aiming to provide comprehensive services to all our patients, big and small. By taking our time with each patient, explaining all the elements of routine eye exams, and providing high-quality eye care, we have maintained our reputation as the best eye doctors in Las Vegas.

Did you know that your eyes can reveal insights to your overall health? Your eyes can provide early detection for many disease that can affect your entire body, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. When our Las Vegas eye doctor sat Walmart Vision center are performing routine eye health evaluations, they are looking for signs and symptoms of many different diseases, not simply eye diseases. That’s why scheduling an appointment with your Walmart Vision Center optometrists is just as important as your yearly physical. Your Las Vegas optometrist can monitor and watch for signs of possibly inherited diseases or illnesses. Therefore, if an eye disease or other illness is detected, you can seek treatment promptly before the problem progresses.

During your routine eye health evaluation as the Las Vegas Walmart Vision Centers, your optometrist will look for signs of glaucoma, cataracts, and binocular vision. Gluacoma is a common eye disease caused by high levels of pressure inside your eye. Early detection of glaucoma by your Las Vegas eye docs is important to prevent loss of sight. Additionally, we look for signs of cataracts, a condition that causes the internal lens of your eye to become cloudy and affects visibility. Binocular vision is when each of your eyes form its own image and transfer them to the brain. If your eyes are not moving together or not aligned properly, they can produce images of different sizes and shapes causes strain and headaches. During a routine eye exam, our eye doc Las Vegas can conduct a series of tests to assess your eye muscles and how they work as a team.

To learn more about eye health evaluations and the routine tests of an eye exam, visit Walmart Vision Centers in Las Vegas and speak with our talented eye care specialists.