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Diabetic Testing in Vegas

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At the Walmart Vision Center of Las Vegas, we provide a number of services in addition to thorough vision examinations including testing for diabetic eye conditions such as diabetic retinopathy. Patients with diabetes must continuously safeguard their vision and receiving regular diabetic testing in Vegas at our office will allow for early detection of potential damage to the retinal blood vessels following a rise in sugar levels. Diabetic Retinopathy is the name for this injury to the retinal vessels and the leading cause of blindness in working-age adults. The highly trained and experienced professional team at Walmart Vision Center of Las Vegas are well equipped and prepared to identify suspected abnormalities in the blood vessels of your eye as well as determine a possible course of action.

Because patients may not be aware of any changes in vision, or experience any pain or other symptoms with significant diabetic retinopathy, receiving regularĀ diabetic testing in Vegas as it relates to your eyes at Walmart Vision Center of Las Vegas is critical. Patients with advanced diabetic retinopathy may experience bleeding in the eye which may result in small specks or large floaters that obscure vision and in the case of a hemorrhage, vision may be blurred. Actual testing is performed by dilating the pupil and the use of an opthalmoscope to see the retina and identify any retinopathy. If damage is detected, a fluorescein dye test may be recommended. Following the injection of the dye, we will take digital images of the retina to be used for further assessment. However, your individual case may vary and will be discussed in-depth prior to any testing or treatment.

The professional team at Walmart Vision Center of Las Vegas recommends regular and complete eye examinations including diabetic testing in Vegas as the best treatment of diabetic eye conditions. Prevention includes maintaining blood sugar levels to reduce the risk of vision loss associated with diabetic retinopathy. However, if treatment is required, your consultation may include information regarding medications or possible laser surgery, though the details will be unique to your condition and overall physical health. To schedule a convenient appointment for an eye examination including diabetic testing in Vegas, please contact us through our website or call one of our knowledgeable team members.