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Farsightedness in Las Vegas

Best Optometrist in Las Vega
Best Optometrist in Las Vega

If you see fine at a distance, but not so well up close, then you have farsightedness, which is a very common refractive condition. With a pair of eyeglasses or contact lenses from us at Walmart Vision Center of Las Vegas, you can have considerably sharper and clearer vision when reading, working at your computer, or using your mobile device.

Clinically, farsightedness is referred to as hyperopia. When light enters your eye, it is directed by the cornea to the back of your eye, where the retina then helps turn it into a viewable image. In order to have normal vision, that light should reach your retina at or very close to the center. And that happens when your cornea is shaped correctly. When it is not, light can instead strike near the front of the retina, which is responsible for nearsightedness; or toward the back, which is what happens with farsightedness. As our best optometrist in Las Vegas will tell you, the condition has a genetic component to it. If one or both parents wear farsighted, it is likely that you will be, as well. Being diabetic can also put you at additional risk for being farsighted. And though rare, farsightedness is also an effect of the formation of eye tumors. The key symptom, and one that will motivate you to come in and have an eye exam by our best optometrist in Las Vegas, is blurriness when you are trying to look at things near to you. It may also be diagnosed during your routine yearly visit. The good news is that you will get a prescription for corrective eyewear, which our optical department fills for you. The outcome is that your vision up close will be much better than it has been recently.

Reach out to our office and make an appointment to come in and be examined by our best optometrist in Las Vegas.

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