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Best Optometrist in Las Vegas NV

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Farsightedness in Las Vegas NV

Best optometrist in Las Vegas NV
Best optometrist in Las Vegas NV

If you want to have an eye exam before you purchase your new eyeglasses at Walmart Vision Center of Las Vegas, you can simply make an appointment to see our best optometrist in Las Vegas NV; during your eye exam, our eye doctor can determine whether you are nearsighted, or farsighted, or even have astigmatism.

Farsightedness is a common refractive error. Refractive errors are not eye diseases; they are simply variations in the cornea. The medical term for farsightedness is hyperopia. With this vision condition, you can see objects at a distance clearly, but objects that are nearby often look blurry. Farsightedness can occur in many different degrees. A person can have a slight amount of farsightedness, or they can have extreme farsightedness. Depending upon the degree of farsightedness you have will determine your ability to focus on objects. If you have severe farsightedness, nearby objects will look blurred and you will need corrective lenses to do close-up tasks, but if you have mild farsightedness, you may be able to see objects that are closer, as well. If you are farsighted, do not be surprised if one or both of your parents are farsighted, as well. This vision condition is often present at birth, and is found to run in families. The good news is that farsightedness can be easily corrected with eyeglasses or contact lenses, or with laser refractive surgery. When a person is farsighted, the light that enters the eye focuses behind the retina instead of directly onto the retina. Laser surgery will keep this from occurring by changing the surface of the cornea. Our best optometrist in Las Vegas NV can provide you with contact lenses or eyeglass lens prescriptions so that you can see clearly.

For an appointment to meet with our best optometrist in Las Vegas NV, simply contact our office today and let us know if you want to have a comprehensive eye exam or contact lens exam and fitting.

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